Become an Officer

Not Seeking Candidates
Thank you for your interest in becoming a police officer with the Columbus Police Department. The department is currently not seeking candidates for the position of police officer. We are either at our current staffing levels or actively involved in a hiring process that has already started. Current staffing allows for 36 sworn officers.

If you would like to submit an application, you can complete the Employment Application Form and mail it to us. We will retain that application for up to one year and contact you when testing is scheduled.

Mail your completed form to:

Captain Todd Thalken
Columbus Police Department
2419 14th St
Columbus NE  68601

Minimum Requirements
Police officer candidates must be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment and possess a high school diploma or G.E.D. United States citizenship is required along with the ability to speak and understand the English language. Candidates must have no felony or serious misdemeanor convictions of crimes involving moral turpitude. A valid Nebraska operator’s license is required at the time of appointment. Vision must be corrected to 20/20 without color blindness and hearing shall be in the normal range. Minimum health and medical standards are prescribed by the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center.