Building Together: The Columbus Community Connection

The development of a new library building continues to be a priority for the City of Columbus. Through public input, the scope of this project has broadened to include multiple entities, creating opportunities for collaboration for the benefit of the community. 

The project started fresh in early 2019, beginning with community conversations to address specific issues raised regarding the previous building design. Over the past 18 months, community input has been sought prior to each decision making step of the project design process. The components included, their size and scope, and the building location were determined by results from public surveys. A team of architects and a construction partner have developed conceptual site and floor plans, as well as provided a maximum project cost.

Designed by the community, take a look at how this exciting building project will unify our Public Library and City Hall, include community & art spaces, and provide leased space for a Children’s Museum and coffee shop:

Final design details for the building, parking, etc. will be completed if the project bond is approved by voters in November 2020. If approved, the bonds would be paid off with an existing half percent sales tax that is currently being collected. The public funds will be combined with sizeable grants and donations to complete the project. 


Please join us in this important effort!

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Thank you for your support of the proposed Columbus Community Connection building! It’s an investment in the future of Columbus.