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Dandy Products and Sediguard are for information only.  The City of Columbus does not give product endorsements, but these products are acceptable for BMP structures.  More resources will be posted in the near future.

Fall Site Stabilization Reminder

Is your construction site ready for snow and rain? The construction season is coming to a close. Site preparations need to be completed before snow cover so that adequate protection is on-site during winter thaws and the spring snow melt. Site inspections need to continue throughout the winter months.  Now is the time to address some of your more runoff prone areas.

  • Plant seed for spring.
  • Cover slopes and dirt stockpiles with mulch.
  • Inspect silt fences and other stormwater controls.
  • Clean dirt out of drainage ditches, sediment basins, and stormwater inlets.

Erosion and sediment control BMPs are required during winter construction; snowmelt is considered stormwater runoff and is required to be treated. To prevent pollutants from leaving the construction site during the winter season, it is recommended that the following are considered:

  • Stop land disturbing activities until warm weather returns. Sequence work so land disturbing activities occur prior to freeze up.
  • Stabilize all exposed soil surfaces with vegetation, mulch, blankets or other BMPs before the ground freezes. Remember, the NDEQ requires that all soils be stabilized if no land disturbing activity has occurred for 14 days, this includes winter months.
  • Maintain construction entrance BMPs to limit tracking during snow melts.
  • If new land disturbing activities occur, proper BMPs must be installed.
  • Inlet protections may be removed after hard freeze has set in. Some inlet protection devices can cause problems in the winter (flooding, damaged by plows). These BMPs should be reinstalled in early spring to as weather conditions allow.
  • Perimeter control devices may need to be moved or enhanced to avoid winter damage.
  • Evaluate all areas of your site for the potential of runoff flows.  Any down gradient areas must have adequate BMPs installed.

Adequate site preparation and planning done now will save you time and frustrations later.