Sales Tax Receipts on a Fiscal Year Basis

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City Sales Tax

City of Columbus has received voter approval ten times since 1995 for a one percent or one-half percent city sales tax. Currently, the local sales tax rate is one and one-half percent. Through March of 2027, the 1% may be used for capital improvements, including street and drainage projects and to repay debt for the same types of projects, and to fund the operation of Pawnee Plunge Water Park and Columbus Aquatic Center.

The one-half percent was reauthorized at the May 10, 2016 election. The one-half percent is for funding Police and Fire facilities and a Library/Cultural Arts Center. This tax will cease upon the later of the completion of such projects, voter rejection of bond elections for such projects or the date on which there are no outstanding bonds.

Property Tax

Property taxes are divided up among several different taxing entities. The majority of the money goes towards Columbus Public Schools, City of Columbus and Platte County. The rest goes to other entities such as the Lower Loup Natural Resource District, Educational Service Unit Number 7, Central Community College, and the Platte County Agricultural Society. For the 2018-2019 fiscal year, the total property tax levy for a house in Columbus is 1.923689.


For an example of the breakdown, we'll illustrate the breakdown using a home that is assessed at $100,000. Property taxes on a $100,000 home are $1,923.69. Approximately $315.49 (16.4%) goes to the city, $1,250.40 (65%) goes to Columbus Public Schools, $207.76 (10.8%) goes to Platte County and the balance of $150.04 (7.8%) is shared by Central Community College, ESU Number 7, Lower Loup NRD, and Platte County Agricultural Society.

Setting the Values

The City Council sets the city portion of the property tax levy each year during the budget process. Platte County sets the assessed valuations, sends the property tax statements and collects the property taxes.

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