Comprehensive Plan

Planning Program

Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) has been retained by the City to provide professional community planning services to assist the City in preparing: (1) an updated Comprehensive Plan for guiding the long-range development, redevelopment and enhancement of the community; and (2) a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Model in conjunction with the comprehensive planning process. The KKC consultant team ("team") will build upon and coordinate with other recent and concurrent planning efforts and studies to complete these tasks.

KKC will be assisted in this effort by two subconsultants: (1) Kirkham Michael Consulting Engineers, who will provide support for the utility infrastructure aspects of the Comprehensive Plan and also serve as our team's local liaison; and (2) Iteris, Inc., who will lead the Long Range Transportation Plan component of the work program, including development of the travel demand forecasting model.


The intent is to complete the overall work program within 12 months, from the date the team receives Notice to Proceed from the City. The team will coordinate with City officials and staff to meet this timeline.


Through its own background study plus discussions with City officials, staff, residents and other stakeholders, the team will assess:

  • Existing land use and development patterns, compatibility and transition issues, and associated economic and real estate market factors.
  • Existing housing market conditions and housing stock status in terms of availability, variety and affordability relative to the housing needs of current and prospective residents.
  • Existing neighborhood conditions relative to community desires and expectations for quality living environments.
  • Existing water, wastewater and storm drainage systems (general condition and capacity, any significant service issues or deficiencies, anticipated needs, etc.) and specific improvements already planned and/or programmed.
  • The area's physical characteristics and context, including locations of valued natural, historical and cultural assets targeted for preservation, and potential opportunities for and constraints to future development and redevelopment.
  • Existing parks, recreation and trails system and specific improvements already planned and/or programmed.
  • Existing development policies and regulations, annexation history and status, and other factors influencing community character and form and the area's development and redevelopment potential.