Columbus Community Building

Community Building Project

The Community Building Project consists of the construction of a three-story building housing the Public Library, Columbus Area Arts Council, Columbus Area Children’s Museum, and City Hall.  The site is the former locations of the fire department, senior center, and library which is on the north side of 14th Street east of 26th Avenue.

  • First floor will consist of a main front entry point with access to the library, children’s museum, and water utility office.
  • Second floor will consist of the extensions of the library and children’s museum and art gallery space.
  • Third floor will consist of the community room, council chambers, and city hall.
  • The site includes drop off windows to pay city hall bills, library book return, and a privately owned and operated coffee shop.  In addition, the project includes an adjacent parking lot and playground area.

The building is scheduled for occupancy in spring 2023 upon which the existing city hall building will be demolished and the adjacent parking lot and amenities will be completed.

To view the demolition of the old Library and construction of the new building, view our Community Building Construction Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Community Building from Frankfort Square