Adult Recreation Programs

10K Club 

Various Trails (Keep Track on social media) 
Are you like a lot of us and have a hard time getting your 10k steps in a day because you work a desk job? Join the 10K Club. We will be meeting through the summer at various trails, once a week, to encourage walking and getting our steps accomplished! There will be lunch hour walks and after work walks as well. See you there!

10K Cover

Adult Drop In Rec: Kickball-Night Under the Lights

Where: Gerrard Park 
When: July 21st 
Cost/Player: $10

More details to come! 

Adult Slow-Pitch Softball 

Where: Gerrard Park 
When: Men's-Tuesday Nights, Coed-Wednesday Nights 
Cost: $575/Team 
Max Players: 20 people/team

All teams will be registered with USA Softball of Nebraska
Divisions: D, E, E-Rec 

Registration Due by: May 8th, 6pm @ Gerrard Park

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